This is Ann and Erin. We love making (and drinking) beer, AND we love music. We call our home brewery “State Street Brewery.”


Erin received the gift of a brew kit from her folks for her birthday in 2010. Around that time, we both heard an NPR segment about drinking certain beers to certain musicians or songs or albums. We loved the idea of infusing our beer with the characteristics of music.

And, we loved the idea of making our own beer, like we love making our own cheese, ravioli, granola, yogurt, etc. We don’t really do this for economic reasons, although we probably save a few cents to a dollar for each bottle we make, but we do this because it’s fun to make stuff and share it with others.

We get most of our supplies from DIY Brewing Supply in Ludlow, MA.

Previous beers from State Street Brewery:

  • Cyclone Amber: This Tornado Loves You! – Neko Case’s “Middle Cyclone” (9-18-10)
  • Drunken Angel American Wheat – Lucinda Williams’ “Live at the Fillmore” (11-27-10)
  • Ottoman IPA: Less Accurate But More Interesting – Erin McKeown’s “The Foxes” (1-20-10)
  • She Drinks Coffee Porter – Nina Simone’s “Sea Lion Woman” (3-17-11)
  • Earthy Brown Ale – Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer’s Drum Hat Buddha (4-17-11)
  • Mad About Belgium Witbier – Hooverphonic’s “Mad About You” (6-9-11)
  • July Flame: Can I Call You Mine? Raspberry Hefeweisen – Laura Veirs’ “July Flame” (8-6-11)
  • Dr. Loco’s Rockin’ Jalapeno Blonde Ale – Dr. Loco’s Rockin’ Jalapeno Band (9-9-11)
  • Pumpkin Porter: Disarm You With A Smile – Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream (9-25-11)
  • Lavender Chocolate Stout – Amy Winehouse’s Back in Black (11-27-11)

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