Cure For Pain Dry Black Stout

03 Dec

This cold breezy day we are brewing a dry black stout. When we were in Oslo, Norway in June, we visited the Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri where I had All Black. I gave it a 4.75 on Untappd, and it’s one of 3 beers I’ve given that score to (others were Pliny the Elder and Heady Topper). In my notes, I wrote “Dry. My favorite stout ever. Must clone.” We’re finally getting around to that today.

Today is also the first day that we went to Beerology to get our supplies. Beerology is a new store in Northampton that has beer making supplies, classes, and a super fun software program where one can choose different ingredients and see what difference that makes to bitterness, color, etc. So fun! We based our recipe on an Irish stout.

  • Chocolate malt – 12oz
  • Roasted barley – 8oz
  • Pilsen light liquid extract – 6 lbs
  • Fuggle hops – 3 oz, split
  • English ale yeast WLP002


As Erin and I were discussing the music to go along with this beer, inspiration bubbled up from deep in my brain. At first I could only think: “Bass. Drums. Sax. Band name begins with an M and has 2 syllables.” You guessed it: Morphine. I don’t believe I’ve thought of Morphine in many years, but there they emerged to guide the taste of this beer. Perfect, perfect.

I propose a toast to my self-control.

RIP Mark Sandman (singer who died of a heart attack on stage in 1999).

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