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Cascade Double IPA

Edit 12/3/16: Well, this was not so double, not so IPA. Very weak hop taste. Nice ale, but definitely not an IPA. Oh well!


This sunny autumn day we are brewing a double IPA with our Cascade hops grown all this dry summer. It’s a single hop so we can focus on the terroir of State Street, and a double IPA because we like those. A lot. We’re also using a Trappist yeast because we love that. There will be a dry hopping maneuver later in the process when we rack it.

  • 7 lbs malt extract + 2lbs DME
  • 8 oz pale malt grain
  • 8 oz amber malt grain
  • 10 oz Munich malt
  • 4 oz medium UK crystal malt
  • White Labs Abbey ale WLP530

Perhaps Erin is exhausted from canning tomatoes and I’m exhausted from kayaking, but the musical accompaniment to this beer is the song “Cascade” by the Garden Verge. Garden Verge was Girlyman before Nate joined the band, and they wrote a few good songs, including “Cascade,” which always makes me want to go hiking with someone cute, like Erin. In fact, the day Erin and I figured out we *liked* each other involved a hike! ❤

In looking up Cascade Mountain, I JUST NOW realized this is a song about Cascade Mountain near Lake Placid in NY, not the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest. Whoa! Paradigm has shifted. But of course – they are from the East coast. This is good because now this song is even more foundational to the Northeast and our beer. Yay!

Upon further research for this blog post, it turns out Girlyman broke up in 2013 but several members are doing other projects. Thanks, Indigo Girls, for having Girlyman open for you many years ago and introducing me to their music and precursor band!

And upon either further research, it turns out there is no video of this song to include in this post! Grrr! Ok then, I will transcribe the lyrics:

Let's take the path to the top of Cascade
Let the world below us fade from view
That’s all I ever wanted to do
You know the way
So I’ll take your hand
For today
We can lean on the land
Nothing is said for 2 hours or more
I forget what this walking is for
How did you even find it up here?
You’re a city girl and I was born in the south
Raised under such sheltering skies
I follow you lightly
You come and you go
I don’t know why

So let me lead you
Let’s take the path to the top of Cascade
‘Cause the view up there was made for you
This is our time, these are ours to question
We will see, we will sing for as long as we’re alive
Meet me at the bottom
Where the light of yours
Will be the coolest view on the hottest day in July



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