Computer Camp Rhubarb Saison

03 Jul


In honor of all of the camps happening at this point in the summer, we proudly present to you Computer Camp Rhubarb Saison. We had this idea in Norway, realizing that the rhubarb season at home would soon come to an end and that it was time to make new beer.

Thanks to the good folks at Northampton Beer and Wine supply, we got a Yankee Brewer recipe for Meadow City Saison and adapted it. Here is what we did:

  1. 3.3 lbs LME + 2 lbs DME
  2. 1 oz chocolate malt
  3. 1 lb Belgian Pale Ale malt grain (cracked)
  4. 8 oz torrefied wheat
  5. 4 oz medium Belgian crystal grain (cracked)
  6. 1.5 oz. Hallertauer hops (bittering)
  7. .5 oz Goldings hops (aroma)
  8. Belgian saison I WLP 565 yeast
  9. 1 cup white sugar
  10. .5 oz coriander seeds (aroma)
  11. 2 lbs rhubarb (1 after boil and 1 during secondary fermentation)

On to the music….

We had an admittedly tough time thinking of music to go with a rhubarb saison, so if YOU think of something, please let us know 😉

But, we felt there surely must be music beyond A-ha that comes from Norway, and a quick search revealed Datarock. After hearing one of their songs in 2008, it was clear that “Computer Camp Love” would be just the right song for this beer. Did you know Datarock means computer in Norwegian? ME NEITHER! Whoa.

Also, Datarock’s thing is dressing in red track suits for performances, which makes them look like rhubarb stalks…

Also, “She’s not that kind of a girl, booger!” Hee-heee!

This is a cute song because it references the musical Grease. Erin ridiculously asked me if I got the reference. I sure did, because I live in America and have been around the block. But did Erin know that I once danced in a performance piece for a Columbia College Chicago’s art student’s senior project, dressed up in a silver bustier and fishnets to look like a paintbrush, all to “Beauty School Dropout”? I bet NOT. But now YOU do.


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