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Jill Scott-ch Honey Ale

“I don’t know whether to sing or to rhyme.”

We are brewing a scotch ale with honey, hoping for something malty warm, sweet, and yummy. This recipe comes from Yankee Brewer’s 90 Shilling Scotch Ale, which allegedly has a background character of peated malt. We will also add a background of honey to fill out this beer.

6lbs light malt extract

2 lbs amber dry malt

Malt grains: 1 lb Scottish pale ale, 2 oz Scottish peated, 8 oz dark UK crystal, 8 oz special roast toasted

2 oz Challenger hop pellets

Safale s-04 English ale yeast

2 lbs honey

We added 1 lb of honey at the end of the boil and will add the other pound before racking. The honey comes from Erin’s hive of 10,000 Italian lady bees who hung around for 2015 but flew the coop/hive in October for parts unknown. Thankfully, they left us several gallons to last us a long time. We’re hoping to pare down the supply through this beer!

So…Jill Scott. Her voice like honey – sweet, strong, fluid, mellow. Her song “Honey Molasses” is a sultry, sensual song of insecurity after a night of electrical magic. Bonus points for the old-school R&B method of including an answering machine message. We are feeling more and more secure about how tasty this beer will taste.



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