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No Anthems Bourbon-Barrel Vanilla Stout

This snowy Saturday we are brewing a bourbon-barrel vanilla stout with vanilla bean and light roasted oak chips. We had some extra chips from Whiskey Girl, so today is a good day to finish them off. Erin and I decided that we are nearing the end of the season for which a stout would be welcome, and so here we are making a stout.

6.6 lbs light LME and 1 lb. dark DME
12 oz. roasted and 10 oz UK medium crystal malt
2 oz oak chips
1 oz Chinook hops
1 vanilla bean
4 oz. Jack Daniels
1 cup brown sugar
Safale s-04 dry ale yeast

The music to this beer is Sleater-Kinney. Specifically, Janet Weiss’s phenomenal drumming. Specifically, the drumming on “No Anthems” from their album that dropped on Tuesday, after nearly a decade without new S-K. Listening to this new album is like taking a breath after holding it for too long. I like the drums on this song that are strong and sturdy, like we hope the beer will be. I thought of the music accompaniment while laying in bed watching the snow this AM.

“I want an anthem/ a singular anthem/ An answer and a force/ To feel rhythm in silence/ A weapon not violence/ A power, power source.”


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