Man in Black IPA

08 Nov

This chilly November morning we are brewing a black IPA that includes some of the hops we grew on our front porch. We chose a black IPA because that seems like a good way to drink IPA in winter.


  • 6.6 lbs malt syrup
  • 1 lb pale malt (cracked)
  • 6 oz dark UK crystal malt (cracked)
  • 6 oz de-bittered black/carafa II
  • 4 oz aromatic malt
  • 1 oz Columbus hops (bittering)
  • 1 oz OUR Cascade hops (flavor)
  • 1 oz OUR Cascade hops (aroma)
  • 1 oz Amarillo hops (dry)
  • California V ale yeast WLP051

Last week, Erin sang Folsom Prison Blues at karaoke at the World War II Club. She did this because her students won this glorious prize in an auction fundraiser for the law school. What a good sport! Also, we facetimed Erin’s mom Jeanne while we made this beer. Jeanne really likes darker beers and IPAs and homemade things, so this beer should be right up her alley.

Johnny Cash has been on our minds this week, and so have the unused hops we harvested a few weeks ago. Thus, Man in Black IPA.

Here is a video of Johnny Cash playing “Man in Black” live for the first time. This song also has special meaning given the political turn of events this week. Maybe we should just drink black IPA “’till things are brighter.”

PS: My favorite JC song is “Daddy Sang Bass.” Yes, it’s gospel, but by and by lord is it a well-done song.

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