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Hot Pants Peach Imperial Saison

Today we are brewing a peach imperial saison. We got the idea from Lowell Brew Works’ Apricot Saison. I am definitely NOT a fan of fruit beers, but this one made us very happy. Likely, it was the double saison-ness of it. So, we’re using peaches from our tree for terroir, instead of apricot.

Northampton Beer & Wine Supply sold us some ingredients:

A grain bag – no clue what they gave us. Might be based on a Hennapin clone recipe?

Pilsen LME

1 oz Saaz (aroma) and 2 oz Styrion Golding (bittering)

1 oz bitter orange, 1 oz ginger, 2 lbs light Belgian candi sugar – in at the end of the boil (15 to go)

3 lbs peaches (in the secondary fermentation)


To the music!

Prince made a tasty little song called “Peach.” Behold: “Her hot pants can’t hide her cheeks/ She’s a peach.” Erin was enamored of this line and because she just had shoulder surgery, she gets anything she wants. So, there are worse things this beer could be named after, especially “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band or anything by Peaches and Herb. Prince is a pretty fantastic musician after all.

Here is the video. Apologies for the poor quality, but I’m guessing that Prince has taken down his old official videos in his Jehovah’s Witness-hood. At least you can see the gold hot pants in the video:

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