High Tide Belgian Wit

29 Jun

Today we are brewing a Belgian witbier from a Yankee Brewer recipe. We were craving the orange peel/ coriander combo in a light summery brew, so this is it!

  • 6 lbs. Briess wheat malt extract
  • Torrefied wheat and 6 row pale malt grains (cracked)
  • Flaked wheat (that looks like oatmeal!)
  • Saaz/Tettnanger blend hops
  • Dry bitter orange peel and coriander seed
  • White Labs Platinum Series: Belgian Wit II Ale Yeast (WLP410) – fancy!

This light colored beer could be described as “blonde” in color, although it’s certainly not a blonde ale style. So, we turn to our old friends Blondie to accompany this beer. Erin and I did a nice duet of “The Tide is High” on the porch when conceptualizing this beer, but it wasn’t until I saw this video that I truly felt high.

Here are some things we learned from the video, and questions that still remain…

  1. Debbie Harry is very hot.
  2. Her hotness is cooled because she doesn’t know how to use a dishrag.
  3. Darth Vader?
  4. NYC traffic?
  5. Cape Canaveral? Is the rocket launch supposed to symbolize something?
  6. The dancing at the end – ???

Still, it’s a great classic song and I hope our beer picks up it’s whimsical tones.

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