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Whiskey Girl Bourbon-Oaked Dark Wheat Ale

It’s been so cold and frozen this winter, and our thoughts and dreams turn to springtime on the porch, mud between our toes, and the scent of growing plants. We hope this beer takes us gently out of the doldrums of winter and into the fecundity of spring.

TruBeer‘s Sam gave us the vehicle for the idea we had to use oak chips by suggesting a dark wheat style. We had a sample to ensure alignment with our idea, and yep, it worked!

Here is the recipe which is an Americanized dunkelweizen:

6 lbs Northwestern Weizen LME

2 oz. Willamette (alpha 5.7%, beta 4.3%) raw hops

Grain: dark wheat, pale, dark German

Wyeast liquid – American Hefeweizen WLP320

Oak chips

Jim Beam

oak bourbonWe’re going to let the oak chips soak for a week, then add the chips to the secondary fermentation. Our reason for soaking in bourbon is entirely practical: to sanitize them.

Now, the music….

Gillian Welch lives in Nashville, Tennessee, a state home to many oaks and much great music. Her smoky, lovely, sometimes-sad, and beautiful voice quakes like an oak tree’s new leaves in the spring winds. We picked “Whiskey Girl” to name our beer, but really, it is ALL of Gillian Welch’s music that informs this beer.





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