Nevermind IPA

05 Oct

Today we are brewing an IPA with our very own hops! Hooray! The Cascade and Mt. Hood vines were quite vigorous this summer, taking over the porch and front of the house with green, scenty lusciousness.

This IPA is based on a recipe from Yankee Brewer.
6 lbs LME
16 oz. pale malt grain
1 oz. dark crystal malt grain
Cascade hops
Dry ale yeast

We’ll be dry hopping this in a week or so.

Cascade hops being weighed.

Cascade hops being weighed.

So, why “Nevermind”? Well, the Cascade hops have some ancient origins in the Pacific Northwest, which is where Nirvana lived. And, Erin and I have read some articles about Nirvana recently, such as this and this.

We hope this IPA captures the Pacific Northwest raw and intense vibes. But not the grunge part. No, we do not our beer to taste grungy. Beer: we want to drain you.

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