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Green Garden Biere de Mars

It’s spring! Time for some new beer!

DIY in Ludow provided us with this recipe that will have a good element of Belgian aromatic malt and spicy Biere de Garde yeast, and a slightly dry and bitter hoppiness (going to be 22 IBU). 6.65% alcohol. Hops are Sterling and Willamette. Grains are light Munich and special aromatic.

The adjuncts are corn sugar and flaked oats. The oats turned to oatmeal at the top of the bag.

The yeast was started 36 hours ago. Erin put the yeast in our 1/2 gallon growler. This procedure is new for us!

On to the music…

Laura Mvala’s album “Sing To The Moon” is on perpetual repeat these days. Although this album is very eclectic, the song “Green Garden” encapsulates the feeling of getting our garden ready for another season of delicious food, beauty, and joy. We hope that the beer is infused with Laura’s strong vocals, playful naturalistic imagery, feelings of new beginnings, and powerful cadence.

Cheers 🙂



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