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Is This The Way to Amarillo Red Ale?



Perhaps it was the song. Perhaps it was the extra gallon of water I put in because I thought I only had 4 gallons. Perhaps it was a mash up of 2 incompatible recipes. I’m gonna go with the song….

Came out weak, too hoppy, and not something we would ever crave. Although the taste from the dry-hopping seemed to help its drinkability, in the end, we want to be proud of what we brew. So the brew went to the big farm in the country…

Onward and upward…


Sha la la, la la, la la la la….

Every night, I’ve been hugging my pillow/ Dreaming dreams of Amarillo…
Hops that is!

There is some uncertainty with this beer. We’ve mashed together 2 recipes to make a red ale featuring Amarillo hops, representing our first foray into our own recipe creation. Here it is:

• 6 pounds Light liquid malt extract
• 1 pound CaraRed malt, crushed
• 1/2 pound Crystal 60L malt, crushed
• 2 ounces Black Roasted Barley malt, crushed
• White Labs California Ale yeast
• priming sugar for bottling
• Centennial – 4 oz
• Amarillo – 4 oz

That’s right – EIGHT total ounces of hops (so many hops that the Noho Beer Supply store gave us a discount!). The last 2 oz. will be dry hopped in 2-3 weeks. Centennial hops go well with Amarillo and both citrusy hops are used for aroma and flavor.

Will this beer do what we want it to do? Will we taste the full expression of the Amarillo hops? Will we find our way to Amarillo? If it doesn’t work out, we’ll be weeping like a willow/ crying over Amarillo.

Interestingly, there are many, many, many videos with this song, including some made by soldiers in Afghanistan, Star Wars Legos, and a wedding party. I like this version because of the inexplicable presence of dancing youth, because of Tony Christie’s glasses.

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Tomorrow Never Knows Belgian Quad

The Beatles never played in Belgium. However, there seems to be monks chanting in “Tomorrow Never Knows” from the Revolver album. See below for a trippy video of the Revolver album cover (which was also on a t-shirt I wore in high school).

What in the world is this beer’s connection to the Beatles, then? Ok – Monks developed the Trappist yeast (Wyeast 3787 in our case). The Beatles went to India and delved into various religious and spiritual cultures, which popped up in their music, most noticeably with Revolver. There were 4 Beatles. A Quadruple (4) is a Belgian style ale of great strength and bold flavor. That’s what!

DIY supplied us with the recipe.
Extra Light LME
Pilsner and special aromatic grains
Perle and Sterling bittering and flavor hops
Dark Candi syrup

We drank some Monk’s Blood (21st Amendment, MN) to inspire our brewing and give us fortitude to accomplish this advanced brewing endeavor. Cheers!

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