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Mule Skinner Imperial IPA

Today we are dry-hopping our Imperial IPA. This means that we are adding hops after the boil. But the irony is that we are dry-hopping with fresh hops off our vine – they are moist and not dry!

The hops are Cascade. We’re experimenting with a ratio of 5 oz. of fresh hops for the 1 oz. of dry hops called for in the recipe. The hops grew prolifically this year, climbing to the 2nd floor and taking over the basil, habenero, and pepper plants on the porch. We picked them for the hop bag by smelling them to see if that’s what we wanted our beer to smell like.

We’re holding down the hops with 3 glass jars for 5-7 days. We’ll know when it smells right. And, oh, it smells so good.

This Imperial IPA uses 6 lbs. of extra-light LME and 3 lbs. of extra-light DME malt. The grain bag consists of 2-row (1 lb.) and Kiln Amber (1 lb.). Erin doesn’t remember which yeast we used. Our recipe comes from DIY Brewing Supply in Ludlow, MA.

Why Mule Skinner Imperial IPA? This IPA is infused with the spirit and strength of Dolly Parton. This woman CAN SING. We love this song because of Dolly’s confidence at being a lady mule skinner and making her way in the world doing something she is great at, and not working for a no-good man who gets every cent of her pay. Right on. Also, yodeling.

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