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No Regrets Saison Ete

Today we are brewing Saison Ete following a recipe from DIY Brewing Supply.

Here is a nice explanation of saison beer.

Basically, saison means season, and ete means summer in French. This is a good beer to brew in the summer because the yeast likes a higher temp, which is good because it’s 90F these days in MA.

We’re using a fun yeast – wlp566 saison II ale yeast – with more info found here.

8 lbs. of 3 different malts. Hallertau Tradition and French Strisselpalt hops.

Now, this beer is not entirely French (only some of the hops are French, the yeast is Belgian), but we figured that Edith Piaf’s glorious “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” was just the perfect accompaniment to this beer. This song got me (Ann) through difficulties in my phd program, as my comrades and I sought solace in the fortitude and confidence Edith exudes in this song. We hope that this beer is just as strength-inducing!

In French, live:

And in English:

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