Harmonious Discord Hefeweisen

05 May

Today we are brewing a Bavarian Weizen. This is our summer brew, and we’re aiming for a savory and citrusy taste. What will make it savory, you might ask? It’s sage! We’re planning to make an infusion of sage water and add it to the wort after 4 days to give a subtle sage note. This beer should be very low or non-existent in banana notes.

6 lbs Briess Wheat Dry Malt Extract
8 oz Wheat malt grain
1.5 oz Hallertauer hop pellets
liquid yeast (WLP380 Hef IV ale yeast)

The music: The Civil Wars
We just spent a good bit of effort trying to find the perfect lyric from The Civil Wars’ Barton Hollow album. We were convinced that this music is the perfect accompaniment for this beer, but no lyrics emerged as the natural connection to the name of this beer. While the music is haunting and beautiful, most lyrics focus more on the former adjective. After reading about the history of The Civil Wars (, the phrase “harmonious discord” was used to explain the choice of band name, and describes well the tension between the two singers. Our beer comprised of savory and citrus tastes seemed quite aligned with the idea of harmonious discord.

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