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Johann Sebastian Maibock

Yesterday, State Street Brewery brewed the “Krusty Krokus Maibock,” which is a German-style pale bock: strong, malty, and made with authentic ingredients. This recipe called for 8+ lbs. of malt, cracked Cara-Hell crystal, cracked malt grain, and German Perle bittering hops. We also used liquid yeast for the first time – we are excited to taste that! We’re not doing this with a strict lager method because of the unseasonably warm temperatures. Rather, we are using ale methods with lager ingredients. According to many people, “this is ok.”

Erin broke the sacrometer again….sad.

About the music:
After a bit of digging around for German bands, Ann realized that Erin would immediately veto her top 3 choices – Scorpion (Rock You Like A Hurricane), Kraftwerk, and Nena (99 Luftballoons). Actually, Ann didn’t really like those either. I mean, who wants to drink a beer that evokes any of those bands? While great music, that would make crappy beer. Anyway, Ann realized that she had not been looking into other genres or historical moments, and this opened up a whole new list of German composers! So of course, J.S. Bach emerged the natural favorite in light of the beer brewed. We’re hoping that his warm and complex cello concertos impart a tasty quality to our maibock. The particular Bach-ish rhythms and textures, depth and beauty, should make for a great beer.

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