Ryes To Me

04 Feb

Today we are making Ryes To Me, a rye IPA style beer (surprise!) with American smoked malt and German rye malt. This recipe comes from Yankee Brewer Recipes by way of Northampton Beer & Winemaking Supplies by way of Erin’s parents’ holiday gift certificate to us. Her parents really know us well 🙂

This is a slightly different technique than we’re used to, so we have already made this recipe our own (quarts and gallons are not the same, apparently – haha!). The grains are steeping in a cooler, and the Decemberists are playing.

The music for Ryes to Me is the Decemberists’ 2011 album The King Is Dead, particularly the song Rise To Me, and also the song All Arise! I like the earthiness of this album, and hope the gentle nature images evoked in the songs are reflected in our beer.

Erin doesn’t seem to think that she will like this beer and that it this one is “all Ann.” I am not so confident – Erin likes good tasty things and her palate has been expanding. Also, she’s not a fan of the Decemberists because The River overplayed Down By the River last year. I have hope that the Decemberists’ fancy vocabulary (“panoply” for example) will win her over.

Bottling of Ryes To Me will happen in the 3rd week of February, and secondary bottle fermentation will be complete around mid-March.

“My darling, my sweetheart/ I am in your sway/ To cold climes come springtime”


Update February 19, 2012: We are bottling Ryes To Me. The final gravity is 1.017. While in the carboy, there was significant fermentation action – lots of glubbing and hiccuping and bubbles. Even taking the gravity reading resulted in a good bit of foam.

Erin is stressing about gook in some of the bottles. We probably need a bottle washer.

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