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Scotch Ale and Annie Lennox

Today we are brewing Scotch Ale to Annie Lennox. Annie is from Scotland! We are playing “Songs of Mass Destruction” plus a few random Eurythmics songs from my itunes library. The particular song for this beer will be Coloured Bedspread. Erin is making a label of a plaid bedspread for the bottles – she has a secret talent for making fantastic beer labels.

This beer will be smooth, deep, and stirring, just like Annie. Also, World AIDS Day is this week (Dec. 1) and Annie has done much to help women and girls with HIV/AIDS in Africa through her SING organization.

This beer uses ELEVEN pounds of malt. There is also Willamette hops and Wyeast too. I was excited because we got to smack yeast for the first time in our brewing career. It’s all puffed up over there on the counter, waiting for a good temperature.

Liquid malt extract is very sticky. Dry malt extract makes lumps in the wort. But the eventual outcome of delicious maltiness will be sooo worth it.

Today we bottled our Lavender Chocolate Stout, which was brewed to Amy Winehouse’s Back In Black. We got the idea for that beer from some guy at a brewery in Vancouver. The lavender came from Jess Allen’s garden in Easthampton, MA. The stout has a good bit of lactose in it (even looking at the bag of lactose gave me a stomachache), so be sure to take a lactaid before drinking it!



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